Sailing is an art of balance – it means constantly looking for an equilibrium between wind and wave forces, finding a compromise between boat speed and safety, team abilities and goals to be set.

Similar applies to the boat building – it means unceasingly searching for a best recipe, finding a best compromise between weight and sturdiness, design and functionality, durability and performance.

Uuniq is aiming high, we are determined to find a compromise between production and sustainability: we would like to offer pleasure crafts which are produced with minimum ecological footprint and in same time will have a lifespan as long as possible.

By no means it is not a easy task, but we are convinced that with combining innovative materials & techniques we could keep up with our ambition. When selecting building materials, we are preferring fast recovering resources (like cork oak, princess tree) and timber from local fast growing trees (like spruce, alder, ash). For reinforcement we are using sustainably produced fibers like flax, hemp, jute and basalt. We do not use any of toxic foams in sandwich construction.

The open sea makes a very demanding environment and boats have to endure various stress factors during their lifespan: mechanical fatigue and wear, punches and thumps, leaching, hot and cold weather. Therefore we are determined to use only the best ECO EPOXY brands available, whether gluing, reinforcing or filleting radius.

Uuniq has eliminated usage of polyester and vinylester resins due to their toxicity and inferior properties – those kind of resins have shorter lifespan, they are less resistant to mechanical fatigue and there is always risk of osmosis. Also we are minimizing usage of varnishes which emit high doses of VOC (volatile organic compounds) during coating process. Whether cutting timber, reinforcing or gluing with epoxy in small scale hand craft boat building, it is possible to reduce excess of waste, therefore minimize the ecological footprint of the production – something that is much harder to achieve in large scale mass production.